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Highland Park is located in the southwestern corner of St. Paul . The picturesque Mississippi River forms the area's southern and western boundary. Highland Park 's northern boundary is Randolph Avenue , and its eastern boundary is Interstate 35E. The Ford Bridge connects Highland Park to South Minneapolis. The street that is Ford Parkway in Saint Paul turns into Minnehaha Parkway once you cross the Mississippi River.
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Most of the homes in Highland Park were constructed just after world war II(1940's) and into the 1950s. The homes of the 1940's were likely to be reminicent of "Tudor" or "Cape Cod" style. One story homes known as "ramblers" or "ranch style" were built in the 1950's. Homes range from modest 900 sq ft ramblers in parts of South Highland Park(south of Ford Parkway) to upper bracket homes on River Boulevard.

The neighborhood has more than 23,000 people. Since 1990, two segments of the population have been increasing: the number of working-age adults (up three percent) and the number of school-age children (up nine percent).

The community is served by nine elementary schools (four public, five private). Three high schools include Cretin-Derham Hall and St. Paul Academy (both private), and Highland Park (public). The community is also home to the College of St. Catherine , the nation's largest college for women.

For recreation residents enjoy a mix of small shops, restaurants and stores. A series of walking and biking trails follow the Mississippi River . The City of St. Paul 's Highland Park includes a public golf course, picnic area, aquatic center and playing fields. And the Highland Park Business Association (a local group) coordinates Highland Fest. This annual festival includes an art fair, amusement rides, music and entertainment.

Highland Park's range of housing styles, prices and central location give it enduring appeal. Highland Park is roughly five miles from downtown St. Paul , and not much farther from downtown Minneapolis . Historic Fort Snelling is due south and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is to the southwest.

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